Month: April 2020


Animation On Scroll

Animation on scroll is one of the unique way to give your website a good look. It makes the visitor very pleased and interactive to your websites. There are lots of sites which are implementing the animation during the scroll. The different types of animations with different transition will make the website more lifely. This


Website Preloader

Website Preloader are a loading screen which comes before all the website loads.  There are lots of fancy websites which implements this cool features. The preloader makes the user refreshed to wait before the site loads. Lots of eye catching animations are being used in these preloaders. In this blog I will be teaching to

COVID-19 tracker with HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT

My COVID-19 tracker is a simple covid-19 data display. Today we wil be using a free covid-19 api and display it using HTML. We will use the javascript to fetch the datas from api. The fetched data wil be displed in HTML. We can get lots of api for the covid data. I am using

Responsive Menu

Responsive Menu Bar in HTML CSS and JS

Menu or the navbar are the most important part of the websites. Not only the websites but it is also very important part for any kind of application. The menu are the map for finding out the way to any website, web app and applicaitons. In this blog we will learn to create the menu.

Skill Bar

CSS Skill Bar Webdesign (Neumorphic Design)

A skill bar is one of the most significant part of the UI design. We can see it in lots of websites mainly are the personal website or the company websites. The skill bar is a very easy way to inform the user about some value. It is one of the significant way to tell

Weather Display Design

Simple Weather Info Webdesign

In this blog we will create a simple webdesign to display the current weather information. We will be using the openweather’s free api for this tutorial. Openweather is a weather forcasting company. They have lots of weather services. They also have thier oen app and also been providing the weather data to other apps like

Masonry Cards

Masonry Layout by Bootstrap

Masonry layout is a grid layout technique. The websites consists of card or image designed to align optimally. The masonry actually standed for the brick arrangement during the construction of the house and buildings. Mainly the it is used to create an attractive gallery in the websites. Many websites also implemented their card view in the

Stopwatch Javascript

Create a stopwatch in Javascript

In this blog we will be learning to make a stopwatch from the javascript and will be designing it in a neumorphic way. Lets get started with the tutorial. Step 1: Creating our backbone ie: Our HTML   <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Timer</title> <link href=”” rel=”stylesheet”> <link href=”” rel=”stylesheet”> <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”css/style.css”> </head> <body>